Bass Tournament Series Hosted by BILL'S MARINE
14626 N 56th W Ave, Skiatook, OK 74070
(918) 396-4916



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In signing this application, I hereby clearly state that I have read and completely understand the rules which govern tournament events and for contest. I waive and release T.A.G., and its employees, officers, representatives, agents and also all other contestants, host, sponsors from all claims, infuses and/or damages of any type incurred in connection with this or any T.A.G. function. I acknowledge that my personal safety and the safety of my property is my sole responsibility. I understand and agree that the T.A.G., officials reserve the right to refund the fees if they should choose for any reason not to accept this application for any T.A.G. contest or function. I agree and consent to undergo a polygraph, if requested, and if there Is a problem passing the test, I understand that this may result in my forfeiting all fees and awards from the event entered, and will preclude participation in any future T.A.G. event. I agree to sign whatever forms are required by the polygraph examiner to release him and hold him harmless from liability associated with administering the polygraph test. Refusal to submit to the polygraph test is an automatic disqualification. I also agree to allow the T.A.G. director the right of visually witnessing my fishing activities during official hours in order to insure the integrity of competitive fishing. This is my irrevocable consent and approval for T.A.G. and/or its sponsors or any newsprint, magazine, electronic or other media to use my name arid photograph for news purposes and/or advertising, Advertising not to include endorsements of any kind for any product.

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